Friday, February 20, 2009

So, I got my shipment. Really happy with the scents. Not so happy that I ordered and paid for 10oz apothecary jars that are only 8oz. This would have been okay in the end, because I like 8oz better as a size, but my wicks are one size too small, so it is a little frustrating because that means another order for wicks so I don't waste these jars.  I need to order more fragrance from my wick place anyhow, so perhaps it is all for the best. I've actually sold out of four fragrances now.
I just finished a four-candle order and have one more to go on another order. 
Still perfecting the cannoli candle. This one could really pay off....or make me fat, one or the other - who knows? 
Have a beautiful day.

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