Monday, October 5, 2009


The topic of Obedience came up earlier in the week, but really, it’s something my husband and I have been discussing for several weeks and longer now. It has nothing to do with the wife being obedient to her husband or children being obedient to their parents (although we wouldn’t mind the second part).
We’ve been really struggling with the idea of being called to take up the Cross.

“If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.” ~Luke 9:23

But how do we, as a working family, do this? It isn’t practical to give up all your earthly possessions and go out into the desert to follow the footsteps of Jesus. I can’t imagine what the police would think if he gave up all his clothes like Saint Francis and walked out into the city speaking to animals. I’d get a call to pick him up at the institution.
Jesus Himself was called out of the desert to go into the city and Moses was called down off the mountain to go to the people – to create a City of God on earth ruled by its hallmark of Justice.

My husband, Danté, is a banker for a very large bank. He goes to work every day to make the paycheck to help pay for our home, our food, our insurance, and all of those needs. However, he is constantly torn by the expectations of his position to sometimes sell things in an unethical manner in order to keep his job and his desire to care for his family. Is it ethical to walk away from your financial obligations if your means of meeting those obligations requires you to act in an unethical manner? And what if you feel called to something else? It seems that in this market especially without a college degree, you don’t have many choices. He wants to go back to school, but it doesn’t feel like an option. If we are not acting in our full capacity towards what we feel we are called to, are we truly being the obedient followers we claim to be?

It’s all brought more questions than answers. There is hope for the future that one day we will feel more in line with that path – it’s finding a ladder out of the rut or perhaps some sort of pole vaulting equipment that we chiefly need. How do we continue the work of building the City of God as commanded? How do we connect the world as it is with the world as it should be? How do we become obedient followers in the real world?
I don’t know but we will keep talking and keep listening and hopefully, in God’s time, we will hear the answer.
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