Friday, April 10, 2009

Cheaper by the Dozen

New cupcakes are here!
I developed a new technique that doesn't use any chemicals to change my regular aloe vera soap into a creamy, fluffy frosting. I am so excited about it and just in time. These are my first dozen and they are going to be party favors for a birthday this weekend. I hope no kids try to eat them. Even I had to keep reminding myself not to lick my fingers while I was frosting them ;)  I also hope that people will actually use them and come back for more. They are really so gentle on the skin and there are no colors added at all, with the exception of the sprinkles, which are real food sprinkles. They will wash off the first time you use them though, so I'm not worried about them staining. I may have to give one to my gluten-free friends who is always wishing I made cake without flour so she could have some, too.
Here is what my client had to say this morning: "Sarah - I LOVE the soaps - thank you thank you thank you! My kitchen smelled SO good last night! I like the frosting too! I have them in my closet right now - to keep them out of the kids' hands - and every time I go in there I get hungry! :-)"